Flowers & fruits at garni Sunnwies at Marlengo in Alto Adige


Below follows a small “taste” of the recipes we use in the kitchen for our homemade jams: strawberries and vanilla, figs and rum, apricots and mint, currants, apples and cinnamon, quince jelly, Williams pears and ginger, plums and cinnamon, grapefruit with pineapple and ginger, oranges with advocaat and cinnamon, persimmons and lime, oranges with Campari, kiwis and apples…We grow our own vegetables and fruit with organic gardening methods, guaranteeing maximum quality; our guests can even “see” the plants as they grow and bloom.

An authentic pleasure, as confirmed by guests that have known us for many years now.


Our garden grows and blossoms all around the Garni Sunnwies property, another fundamental element for relaxing and enjoyment.

We love our flowers and care for them as we do our fruit trees and vegetables.

Our guests often declare that the memory of the plants and greenery around the Garni Sunnwies remains engraved in their memories long after they return home. Together with our unique panorama, the Sunnwies indeed takes on a different appearance in each season of the year, each time with a rare and almost always different beauty. Our guests can also enjoy this relaxing corner here in Alto Adige.